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​Band Masks:

  • Masks will be required for band this year. They must go over the nose, and under the chin.

  • Please choose a solid black color mask (it will look better for performances). 

    • UPDATE: it doesn't need to be a black mask for practice at school. It could be any color of mask you have on hand​ and the student is comfortable wearing while playing.

  • Students may use a homemade mask or a store-bought mask. ​

  • Comfort is key - your student will need to wear it during rehearsal and in-person lessons. 

  • FLUTE PLAYERS: Please wait for more information. Your mask may be different - we are seeking further instruction and guidance on what to do for you.

  • PERCUSSIONISTS: Your regular school mask will be just fine. You don't need to modify anything. 

Modification guidelines:

  1. Find a well-fitting store-bought mask, or use your own homemade mask. The goal is to not have any gaps on the side or at the bottom of the mask. 

  2. Put the mask on, and find out where the student's lips meet in the middle of the mask. Mark the corners of their mouth, and mark a horizontal line where the lips meet.

  3. You will then take the mask off and cut an approximately 2-3" long horizontal slit with a sharp utility knife or scissors. You can see this slit in the 2nd picture above. Don't cut a round hole - just a single slit. The fabric on the mask will open up as the mask is worn under the chin.

  4. Next, cut a rectangle "cape" to cover the length of the slit (3rd picture). We used a blue cape in the picture example for clarity. UPDATE: The cape is just a rectangle of any type of fabric - cotton, an old t-shirt swatch, scrap fabric, etc. The goal is to simply cover the slit in the mask when the mouthpiece is not on the student's lips. 

  5. Sew or safety pin the cape across the top edge, and just a little bit down the left and right side (about 1/2" inch) so it hangs down properly when the mouthpiece is not in use.

  6. Once the cape is affixed to the mask, make sure everything is comfortable by testing it out while playing. 

Thank you for your understanding. If you have questions, please email your band director for more guidance. 

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