Drumline Audition Information 2022:

Greetings! We're excited for you to be auditioning for the Tiger Marching Band Drumline! What are the roles in the drumline?

  • Pit: This is the pit orchestra of the drumline, and is a stationary position down front on the field, just like in a Broadway musical. This is where we want people with great melodic skills, or even a piano/guitar background. Vibes, Marimba, Xylophone, Bells, Auxiliary (guitar, bass, hi-hat, sus. cymbals, shakers, tambourine, etc), Concert Bass Drum, Timpani, and more make up the pit. 

  • Snares: we have four snare drums on the field, and it requires you to be great at snare drumming and quick with your hands. You should be very proficient at rudiments and drumming to audition for snare.

  • Tenors: These are often called marching toms, quints, or tenors. It's a series of six pitched drums, and you need to have excellent technique and quick hands, as well as a strong back (they're heavy). These parts are often quite difficult and intricate, and require a lot of precision.

  • Bass Drums: we run either 4 or 5 bass drums on the field, and you have to be strong and smart to play one of these drums. It requires a great deal of counting ability and teamwork - we can't do it without everyone pulling their weight. The bass drum line is often the heartbeat of the band - it's where we pull the center of the pulse for the whole ensemble.

Audition Info:

You will audition on ONE instrument for drumline, but list your top 3 choices. You'll need to download the music for your top choice within the drumline and learn that part. Talk to your band director about getting help or getting lessons on it - we want you to play a great audition.

Choose one part from the audition packet. 


  • PIT - Marimba. You will audition on a marimba.

  • SNARE. You will audition on a marching snare.

  • BASS DRUM. You will audition on a marching bass drum. Play the rhythm printed on the page as if it's unison.

  • TENORS. You will audition for this spot on marching tenors. 

Audio below is to help you learn your audition - use "Billy Joel Opener" for the playalong.